US Will Continue To Deport Canadians To Third Countries

Posted on Friday, December 05 at 10:08 by sthompson
According to CBC: "The president has no more solemn obligation than to protect the safety of the people of the United States," said Cellucci, and if that means acting unilaterally, so be it, he added.

That means more cases like Maher Arar's will happen.

My advice--don't travel to or through the U.S. In fact, I wonder if it would be worthwhile to organize a boycott of travel to the U.S. in solidarity with Arar and others until the U.S. pledges to respect Canadian passports?

Note that Martin has said he would look into the Arar case, demonstrating that pressure can work to get us some representation in instances like this, even from Martin...

Note: will still deport them ...

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