Venezuela Concerns The Future Of Us All

Posted on Tuesday, November 28 at 10:12 by BC Mary
Might Venezuela be perceived as a thorn in the side? Vanessa. Of course, because of the oil. Here we have a country where natural resources serve the people, and no longer multinational companies. For some, this is the world upside down! As a matter of fact, there, as one student said to me: "Now, the pyramid has been inverted so that everyone would have rights." How exactly did the idea behind this film dawn on you? Vanessa. By accident. I had heard a lot about Venezuela, and I had the opportunity to travel there. Well, I didn't want to arrive empty-handed. It so happened that in Brussels, I had just directed a few brief videos of mini street polls to find out what people thought of Bush, Iraq, Europe....So, I told myself: "I am going to bring them a small contribution: What do the people here think of Venezuela, what information have they received, what questions do they ask themselves?" I told myself that it would be useful for them to know how Venezuela is perceived here...§ion=BUDB&id=25086

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