Jack Layton Gives Straight Answers To Canadians

Posted on Tuesday, January 10 at 12:14 by Kevin Parkinson
Affordable housing and tuition fees were each given $1.5 billion, $900 million for foreign aid, and $100 million to protect wages in the event of bankruptcy--these are the items that were on the February, 2005 budget because the NDP party was there. Paul Martin wanted to use that money for corporate tax cuts. During the debate Gilles Duceppe said that Paul Martin runs a NDP election campaign but when he gets into power he rules like a Conservative. This is the absolute truth and Canadians should not be misled by Martinís rhetoric. Only the NDP party will give working Canadians the social supports that they need. Neither the Conservatives nor Liberals would eliminate private health care as an option in a new government. Both hedged on the issue and are hiding behind the Canada Health Act. Only Jack Layton had the courage to stand up to the big health corporations and say that we will have a public health care system for all Canadians, and no hybrid system will be permitted under an NDP government. If we want public health care to be protected in this country, itís only the NDP that will do it. That was obvious during the debate. The Conservatives are counting on a win by default. After another scandal has surfaced, Action Canada, the Liberals are losing credibility by the day. The Conservatives are standing in the sidelines waiting for the Liberals to fall. They have no new vision for Canada and are simply making election promises that we know wonít be kept. If the Conservatives form a government, you know that Harper will become a willing pawn for the Americans, just as Mulroney was in the 80ís. Remember that Harper voted for Canada to enter the war in Iraq in 2003--how many Canadian lives would have been lost by now in that illegal war? The NDP party is the only party with integrity and a Canadian vision for Canada. A debate is only talk: actions speak louder than words. The NDP party will give us action. [Proofreader's note: this article was edited for spelling and typos on January 11, 2006]

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