Embattled Academic Tony Judt Defends Call For Binational State

Posted on Saturday, December 27 at 10:41 by earthling

Back on Dec 15, Dave Ruston asked, "Why don`t they just call the place Israel-Palestine, or Palestine-Israel, and make sure ALL citizens have equal rights?" I replied with a bit of explanation:

Saddam Hussein Captured

Here is an article on that theme. The Forward is a progressive American-Jewish publication in Yiddish and English. The Yiddish version dates back to 1897 and was known as "a defender of trade unionism and moderate, democratic socialism."

Judt told the Forward that while he understood the controversial nature of his call for a binational state, he was taken aback by the refusal of most of his critics, especially the American ones, to even consider the idea. European and Israeli readers and discussion partners did not voice the same vehement objections to his proposal, Judt said. Indeed, the only approving response published in The New York Review came from writer Amos Elon, an Israeli expatriate now living in Europe.


Note: Saddam Hussein Captured http://www.forward.com/...

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