Cindy Sheehan Compares Bush To Chavez

Posted on Tuesday, July 18 at 14:49 by Sgt_ShockNAwe
On a recent appearance that I made on MSNBC's Hardball which was being guest hosted by Norah O' Donnell, she introduced me as someone who has been photographed with "dictator" Hugo Chavez. After the introduction and in a very short subsequent break, I looked at her and said: "You know President Chavez is not a dictator. He has been democratically elected to his office 8 times." To which she replied: "We had a big discussion about that and we decided that he ruled like a dictator." That statement really shocked, yet irritated me, because I can't believe that MSNBC and Norah O'Donnell would perpetuate the myth that President Chavez is a dictator and mislead and misinform their viewers, because contrary to facts, they "decided that he ruled like a dictator." "Then you should call George Bush a dictator." I said right before we were given the signal that the interview was beginning. During the segment which Norah called an interview and I would like to better term as an "attack," (I gave her a hug after the attack: it seemed like she really needed one) we got on the subject of Hugo Chavez and I ended up admitting that I would rather have him as a leader than George Bush. Since this truthful admission, which comes from experience and research, my life has been threatened several times and the hate mail to the GSFP website has increased dramatically. There are many brilliant pieces written from a more scholarly point of view defending the administration of President Chavez and trying to educate our corporate owned media-misled citizenry about the politics, economics and civil society of Venezuela. Most recently and notably an article by Jeff Cohen entitled, "Go to Venezuela, You Idiot." So, instead of writing a scholarly piece, I would like to make some personal observations about the regimes of George Bush and Hugo Chavez. First of all and most importantly and as far as I can recall, Hugo has not invaded any countries in baseless wars of aggression justified by lies. George has. As a matter of fact, instead of using "Cowboy Diplomacy" and "Bring 'em on" rhetoric, President Chavez has skillfully used his country's resources as a diplomatic tool to make friends and coerce good behavior from other countries. George uses our children in the Armed Forces to strong arm his way into other countries making enemies for the USA and leaving death and destruction wherever he goes.

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