'Pot - Kettle!' New Conservatives - Old Liberals

Posted on Tuesday, November 07 at 01:06 by whelan costen
This new government won’t allow Mr. Fortier (the appointed senator and cabinet minister) to take his chances with the democratic process by running in the Quebec riding and allowing voters the opportunity to throw him out. The PM cut and ran from the EU summit on climate change. While they brought in their Washington, D.C. member to run in London’s by-election. Ms. Diane Haskett, who left Canada in 2000 to pursue life in Washington (D.C.) where she worked with Elizabeth Dole, wife of former Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole, is reportedly uncertain if she’ll stay in Canada if she doesn’t win the election. While none of this is a surprise, all of it should be examined under a democratic microscope. -30- Contact info: www.canadianactionparty.ca Contact the candidates: Will Arlow Tel: 519 866 5116 cell: 519 852 8279 fax: 519 866 5136 Baig Mahmood Raza Tel: 514 995 4268 cell 514 995 4216 e mail: raza3500@yahoo.com Canadian Action Party/Parti action canadienne #385- 916 West Broadway Ave., Vancouver B.C., V5Z 1K7 Catherine Whelan Costen President and Communications Director cathpublish@wildroseinternet.ca Ph: 403-660-0449 Fax: 403-684-3464 To read the letter sent out by Doug Finley go to http://www.garth.ca/weblog/2006/10/30/memo-to-doug-finley-2/

Note: www.canadianactionparty.ca http://www.garth.ca/web...

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