Saddam Did Not 'Kill The Kurds'

Posted on Tuesday, November 14 at 14:00 by Diogenes
Ironically it is the second of the illegal U.S.-run "trials" of Mr. Hussein in Baghdad that allows this conclusion. The facts and circumstances of the "trial" can be analyzed without any concession to the legitimacy of the "court." Nor, since it is illegal, is there any reason to wait for the "court's" findings before reaching one's own conclusions. Applicable principles of international law are presented in Appendix A. Certain facts are not in dispute. The campaign took place in the late stages of the Iran-Iraq war. The Iraqi army fought units of the Iranian army in Northern Iraq. Kurdish guerillas called peshmerga allied with Iran against the government of their own country. In order to suppress the guerillas the Iraqi government displaced large numbers of Kurdish civilians from border areas. Press reports say the current charge is genocide during Anfal. By any definition the crime of genocide means the extermination of large numbers of people. At first no definite number of civilian fatalities was given in news reports, but in September the "prosecution" was several times reported to say there were 182,000 deaths. The "trial" on the Anfal charges began on August 21, 2006. There were 13 sessions of the "court" between that date and September 26, at which time it recessed. See Appendix B for the tabulation of articles.


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