To Sell Canada On War, Try `Hope' But Not `Liberty'

Posted on Sunday, February 18 at 14:05 by jensonj
Harper has drawn a link between the NATO-led mission and the 24 Canadians who were killed in the collapse of New York's World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001. Defence Minister Gordon O'Connor recently described the fight as "retribution" for the terrorist attacks. "Participants associated this message with public relations positioning it was seen as echoing the kind of messaging American officials have made regarding Iraq," wrote the report's authors, the Strategic Counsel public opinion firm. The report lists "vocabulary/terms/phrases/concepts to reinforce" the message that the government is right about its commitment to the war in Afghanistan. They include "rebuilding," "restoring," "reconstruction," "hope," "opportunity" and "enhancing the lives of women and children." Words and phrases to avoid include: "freedom, democracy, liberty in combination this phrase comes across as sounding too American."


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