Religious Hate In Canada

Posted on Saturday, July 01 at 15:12 by eugene
"In late April of 2004, a poster asks the forum members to share their impressions of what makes Canada unique. Nada's answer is straightforward."Who cares? We hate Canada." Yep and so does the right-wing, both share a knee jerk reaction to liberal social democracy. "Are you accepting a system that separates religion and state?" she asks. "Are you gonna give your pledge of allegiance to a party that puts secular laws above the laws of Allah? Are you gonna worship that which they worship? Are you going to throw away the most important thing that makes you a muslim?" Ms. Jamal's list of forbidden institutions goes beyond politics. Banking, membership in the United Nations, women's rights and secular law are all aspects of Canadian society she finds unacceptable." Sounds like she is a member of Real Women, or a columnist for the Western Standard. In fact her hatred of the UN is shared by the ultra-right in the US. All patriarchical monotheistic religions are bigots they hate the laws of man since they only believe in the laws of their God. Women are the backbone of most churches, synagogs, temples, etc. Religious women are conservative in politics, they are the root base of the movements against choice be it abortion, childcare, same sex marriage, etc. They are the real force behind not only the veil but the bigotry of religious extremism. The reason is simple, while women on the whole are more spiritual than men as studies show, politically the number of women who are liberal in social attitudes out numbers their more fundamentalist sisters. Those that lead these right wing movements are a minority whose screeching is out of proportion to their number. Hence the vehemence and hatred they show their opponents; real or imagined. The Globe and Mail series merely exposes that fundamentalist muslims share much in common with their contemporary conservative religious fundamentalists of other patriarchical monotheistic faiths.

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