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Posted on Monday, November 20 at 16:21 by Diogenes
After screaming while being tased, the student shouted, "Here is your patriot act, here is your f**king abuse of power," and the other UCLA students in the library began to gather around. The students had been alerted of this situation by the young man's screams and the screaming police. The police then shouted, "Stop fighting us!" The tased student stated he was not fighting them. (He appeared to be on the floor.) Some of the students, after seeing what was being done to the other student, then said to police, "We want your badge numbers." Some began phoning others to tell them what was happening, and some began making tapes on cellphones. The student was told again to, "STAND UP, STAND UP, STAND UP, STAND UP," but he appeared unable to stand up. The police screamed, "OK, YOU WILL BE TASED AGAIN," and the student was tased again. This time, one of his feet could be seen flying up over his head as he was sent into convulsions, and the sound of tasing can be heard on the clilp. The student screamed throughout this tasing, again. Power to the people!


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