A Case For Poverty

Posted on Sunday, December 28 at 11:28 by Jim Callaghan
Consider this: more than 12,000 Ontario public workers earned more than $100,000 in 2002, and the person in charge of Ontario Works (welfare) earned more than $8,600 per month. Some workers earn as much as $500,000 or more per year, so my suggestion is this: How about the government cut worker wages by 20%, and then give that 20% back to the people that are trying to live on $520 a month, or in the case of the disabled, $900+ a month. It worked for Air Canada, they took a pay cut to keep the costs down, even though the Ceo and his band of merry mercenaries gave themselves huge bonuses. What else is new ? That's corporate logic for you. We have a deficit. Cut wages and apply it to the debt. Give the poorest of the poor a raise, and they will be able to feed and clothe themselves and their children, but they will also be able to make a small contribution to the economy, and create jobs. They would pay PST, raising governent revenues, further reducing the debt. If everyone had a little money in their pocket, our economy would pick up at a faster rate. Wouldn't that be beneficial to everyone ??

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