Tory Majority Would Make Canada Boring Again

Posted on Thursday, January 19 at 11:42 by sthompson
Canada is frequently ridiculed in the US and the UK press as a dull inconsequential country. In Escape to Canada, one US TV commentator says Canada is “like Honduras except colder and less interesting.” “I’m not saying the Conservatives don’t have interesting ideas,” says Nerenberg. “In fact as campaigners, the other parties have been more boring. I’m just a dumb hoser, but it seems to me the Conservatives have clearly come out specifically against the things that have put Canada on the map: same-sex marriage and marijuana legalization and their orbiting freedom issues.” DON’T FORGET THE BORING FACTOR In Escape to Canada, which will be released in Canada in March and the US later on, Bruce McDonald, co-founder of Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce says the flood of US couples marrying in Canada has had a significant economical impact and has created worldwide goodwill towards Canada among Gays and Lesbians. The director says he doesn’t necessarily support the Liberals. “Contrary to what they often suggest. The Liberals didn’t necessarily bring these things about,” said Nerenberg. “The Canadian courts and the Canadian people did; the Liberals just got out of the way, which is not what the Conservatives would probably do. I understand the desire to punish the Liberals. But handing the untested Conservatives a majority is cutting off your nose to spite your face.” Stephen Harper portrays himself as mildly concerned about gay marriage, but the film reveals he is strongly opposed to same-sex marriage. In Escape to Canada, Harper attends a spring anti-same sex marriage rally where he makes a rousing emotional speech. CANADA MADE IMPRESSION ON YOUTH CULTURE In another surprising sequence, seconds after he became leader of the Conservative Party, Nerenberg asks Harper in the midst of cheers “if he thinks Canada is cool.” “It has been one of the coldest winters on record,” Harper replies. Escape to Canada demonstrates how the world took notice of Canada in 2003 during something called “The Summer of Legalization,” when same-sex marriage and marijuana were legalized on the same day in Ontario. Marijuana would be later re-criminalized, but not before Canada’s new freedoms were featured in various international magazines and heavily in world youth culture. Canada was the third country in the world to begin legalizing same-sex Marriage, but is currently the only country in the world, which makes it easy for people from other countries to get married here. Escape to Canada profiles the arrival of American AWOL soldiers straight from Iraq, and tells the story of reefer refugees, fleeing American drug laws, escaping to a new land of the free. US based Variety magazine has given Escape to Canada strong reviews. “Escape to Canada is a proud, benevolent, and altogether winning portrait of a country,” said Variety’s Eddie Cockrell. Canada’s Montreal Mirror said the film “makes for fantastic drama.” Nerenberg is the founder of the internationally acclaimed film website Trailervision, and director of the hit documentary Stupidity, which was Canada’s top-grossing documentary in 2003. Escape to Canada will be released in Canada in March by Epidemic. Clips from the film appear on and at ESCAPE TO CANADA: 416-926-8886

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