Cast Out Of The Foyer

Posted on Friday, November 18 at 15:47 by drcaleb
OK, OK, perhaps I have overstated the case, but isn't this what the Op-Ed pages are for? If I am exaggerating, I'm not the only one. The government must be toppled now? An exaggeration, surely. An election campaign in December will ruin Christmas? Another exaggeration. The sponsorship scandal is the most egregious, offensive and pernicious looting of the public purse in recent memory? Er, well, actually, that might not be an exaggeration. But I digress. 22 Minutes is, for the time being at least, being denied media accreditation to get access to the foyer of the House of Commons. This is because the Parliamentary Press Gallery, which is responsible for handing out accreditation, has tightened up its policies following an incident last June. Evidently, a crew from the Radio-Canada show Au-Dela du Real obtained accreditation by devious and duplicitous means, provoking a security scare, which in turn led the Gallery to declare that "non-news-gathering teams" could no longer be accredited. For us, this is a bit of a calamity. It would be akin to saying to an Atlantic fisherman years ago that the Grand Banks are off-limits: "Yes, this is one place on the planet you can throw out a hook and catch a fish without even trying, but we're not going to allow it. Go fish somewhere else." During the past dozen years, 22 Minutes has often trolled the foyer of the House of Commons. And the fishing has been very, very good.


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