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Posted on Tuesday, June 08 at 13:20 by Jim Callaghan
Polling June 4 to June 6 (Random Telephone Survey of 600 Canadians, MoE 4.1%, 19 times out of 20). Percentages may not add up to 100 due to rounding. Our tracking polls allow for a daily barometer on the activities of the respective campaigns.

Decided Voters (Change from May 25th, 1st Nightly Tracking Poll Results)
CP - 34% (+6)
LIB - 32% (-9)
NDP - 20 (+2)
BQ - 11% (0)
GP - 4% (1)
*22% of Canadians were undecided (+1)

Appetite for Change (Change from May 25th, 1st Nightly Tracking Poll Results)
Time for Change - 57% (+5)
Liberals doing a good job - 24% (-4)
Agree with neither - 10% (-1)
Unsure - 9% (-1)

Best PM (Change from May 25th, 1st Nightly Tracking Poll Results)
Martin - 27% (-4)
Harper - 23% (+6)
Unsure -22% (-2)
None - 13% (-3)
Layton - 13% (+4)
Duceppe - 4% (+1)

On the SES website (, we post updated daily longitudinal tracking charts and details on the questions and the methodology each afternoon. Watch PrimeTime Politics at 8 pm EST (Monday to Friday) to get a detailed briefing of the numbers.

For any media use of the polling data, we need to clearly identify the sponsor (CPAC). Please refer to the research as the CPAC-SES Nightly Tracking.

Feel free to forward this e-mail.


Nikita James Nanos, CMRP
President & CEO
SES Research
T 613.234.4666
C 613.276.2731

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