It Came To Pass

Posted on Thursday, November 17 at 11:52 by whelan costen
And the little children looked towards the grown-ups The momma’s and the daddies, with the fashionable clothes And the fancy cars, and the vacations all over the world And the lust for oil was written on their faces And the greed was spinning all around And the money was in the banks and it sat and it sat There were no goods to be had And the money wasn’t worth a single drop of rain And the water would not quench And the crops dried in the fields And the babies they cried in pain And disease overcame us And we had no cure And it came to pass just as we’d been warned We didn’t listen then, we didn’t listen then And we made our wars And we built our weapons And we invaded space And we took over the heavens And we shed more blood And we need the oil, oh we needed it so much And we snuffed out youth and we turned young men old And we napalmed and we burned and we killed And we turned nature against us In the name of freedom and democracy and liberation And it all came to pass, just like we’d been warned War won’t bring peace, we were told And blood doesn’t bring life, we were told And they lay cold in the ground And they won’t come back And we did it in the name of liberty, freedom and peace And it all came to pass just like we’d been warned And lie after lie, turned into truth For a lie told again and again, becomes the reality we know And the lies built on lies were spun and spun, till we just didn’t know But we were warned and we were told And we wouldn’t listen, we wouldn’t listen And the money sits and the money rots ‘Cause the money can’t buy what nobody’s got And the pain is there and the pain goes on And the only freedom we’ll know, is when we’re cold and in the ground And we did it to ourselves and we knew it was coming Some people warned and other people ignored And the acid came and the acid came like rain And the snow wouldn’t fall ‘cause it just wouldn’t get cold And there were no more seasons, no more spring, winter, summer or fall No it was all hot like summer, all year long And the bugs they spread, and they consumed and they enjoyed The fruits of the earth, meant for us, was now destroyed No sun-kissed rose, no morning dew, no robin looking for a worm ‘cause we were just through And we were warned and we were warned and we just wouldn’t listen It didn’t have to be We could have listened We could have shared We could have sought peace We could have eased the pain of others We could have cared for the earth We could have listened to the wind To the song of spring We could have listened to the soil We could have learned to live without oil We could have loved on another We could have listened…can you hear me now? by Catherine Whelan Costen November 17, 2005 [Proofreader's note: this article was edited for spelling and typos on November 17, 2005]

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