Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Confesses To September 11th Attacks

Posted on Thursday, March 15 at 12:19 by Diogenes
National Security Correspondent Leigh Sales has been trawling through the transcript of his confession and she joins us now. So Leigh, first just remind us just who is Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and what evidence does the US have against him? LEIGH SALES: He was the number three operative in al-Qaeda up until the time of his capture in Pakistan in 2003. He had the sort of background that you associate with these very militant extremist terrorists. Raised in a religious household, he went to Afghanistan to fight in the anti-Soviet jihad, which is where he met bin Laden, and then he became, according to the United States investigators, intimately involved in al-Qaeda's operations and planning. He was captured in 2003 and then held in a CIA ghost prison, which was one of the prisons that were secretly set up around the world for interrogations. And then late last year, the United States moved 14 of their top-level terrorism suspects to Guantanamo Bay. Now the evidence that the United States has against Khalid Sheikh Mohammed comes from a couple of sources. It's partly from the testimony of other detainees or people who've been arrested in other missions. Also when he was arrested in 2003 in Pakistan, police and military went through that house where he was staying and they seized a lot of material including several computers which had huge amounts of detail about the 9/11 attacks - photographs of the hijackers, information about how the mission would be executed. So they had a lot of evidence on him from that. [Proofreader's note: this article was edited for spelling and typos on March 16, 2007]


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