Economic Integration With The U.S. Detrimental To Canadian National Integrity

Posted on Sunday, April 24 at 11:55 by sthompson
To be sure, 9-11 changed everything. Yet Americans must realize that if being within their security perimeter means we must implement security measures that are an affront to our national conscience, give unqualified support to Washington's foreign policy misadventures or suffer the indignities of their unfair trade policies, maybe we should begin to diversify our trade by looking to Europe and Asia for new opportunities.

To continue to push for further integration with the United States is to fail to recognize that Canadians and Americans are growing apart philosophically.

We envy the individual economic prosperity of Americans, but embrace the collective security of the European welfare state, being unwilling to shoulder the social consequences of unfettered capitalism.

The list of contentious issues over which the majority of Canadians now find themselves at odds with our American cousins is ever-growing, so this attitude of "bite your tongue" and "tow the line" just doesn't wash if we are to preserve our integrity as Canadians.

Chris Moulder would have us swallow our pride and sacrifice our autonomy to preserve the status quo. I disagree. It is time for greater economic diversification, not further integration.


The Windsor Star 2005 [Proofreader's note: this article was edited for spelling and typos on April 25, 2005]

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