BBC WTC 7 Scandal

Posted on Wednesday, March 07 at 09:17 by Anonymous
It was already too late for the BBC to cover this FIASCO up when the caller explained that another Canadian (coincidentaly) had already called the BBC and told them about this "situation" and put the calls on the internet along with other various calls to the BBC concerning this story. This started a chain reaction that triggered of what could be thhe first real time "INFOWAR" on the internet. Google had started "pulling" the videos of within minutes of the news going out over the internet. The problem was some people already had the video and started to constantly upload it back up to the internet as google scrambled to supress the video. Google finally surrendered because the video could not be stopped. "The cat was out of the bag" and "The SPIN was about to begin" the BBC had tried to say it was fake, but that would not work because the Canadian's calls already confirmed they were real. Then Richard Porter (Head of the BBC) said they had lost thier tapes and was shut down. was a huge internet archive of original footage from mostly all the news companies documenting the tragic events of 9/11. This also included the "BBC" where the original video came from. The video in question has since been authenticated by and is now available. This is a Huge story that spread across the internet like "wild fire" and has yet to be spoken about in the "MAINSTREAM" media in North America! for complete archived and updating information about the BBC WTC 7 scandal you can browse thorugh the BBC forum located at: (please use any information to break this story to the mainstream media) Thanx ;)


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