Independent Turner To "Clarify" His Future

Posted on Tuesday, November 14 at 09:23 by 4Canada
But he was willing to say he was troubled by what Harper's PMO has told him about the reasons for his ouster, and he also said he wanted to discuss his potential future with the Greens. There's additional speculation that Turner may be giving some kind of boost to Green Party Leader Elizabeth May's campaign to win the by-election in London North Centre. "I do have some information which I find very disturbing, which I will be releasing on Tuesday," Turner said in a phone interview last night. "Obviously it's an evolving story. I do want to keep people abreast of this as it unravels. Because it is quite an interesting chapter in Canadian political history and I think it's somewhat uncharted territory I'm in. I'm doing things for the first time here." Turner has been talking to May ever since he was ejected from the Tory caucus several weeks ago. He hasn't ruled out trading his independent status for the title of Canada's first Green MP. That would be a huge shot in the arm for the party, giving it the status it needs to appear in televised election debates and daily exposure in the Commons foyer after question period. Last night, Turner would say only that conversations continue and he'd expand tomorrow. [Proofreader's note: this article was edited for spelling and typos on November 14, 2006]


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