Canada's 2006 Election

Posted on Sunday, February 05 at 12:33 by Anonymous
This isn't the first time that the NDP carried out a dubious course of action that resulted in a dramatic negative setback for Canada. The current debacle is almost an identical replay of what occurred in 1988. Back then, in an equally ill-advised campaign, Ed Broadbent gained an even greater number of seats for the NDP, but effectively sold out the country by enabling Mulroney to enact the Free Trade Agreement, later to become NAFTA. Since almost 60 percent of Canadians opposed the trade agreement, splitting the vote thwarted the will of the people. The only way to have blocked the FTA was for the NDP to have formed a coalition (or a tacit agreement) with Turner's Liberals before the election. But that would have required the parties to have acted in the interests of the country rather than merely engage in partisan politics. So what hope is there for Canada under these circumstances? If the Conservatives and a revamped Liberal Party essentially morph into a carbon copy of each other--both intent on integrating us into the USA, who can we turn to? It will have to be the NDP, but this party is in desperate need of reinventing itself, every bit as much as the Liberals. Instead of just trying to get "additional seats" for "working families," there has to be some truly meaningful substance to this party..."

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  1. Tue Feb 07, 2006 2:55 am
    Just a word of correction here. The N.D.P. did not bring down the
    Liberal government. The N.D.P. had made a proposal for an
    election to be held much later in 2006, toward springtime. The
    Liberals refused the offer.

    It was after this, that Harper & Co. got steam up to try to defeat the
    Liberal government by a budget vote. This didn't work because of
    Belinda Stronach and Chuck Cadman and Carolyn Parrish being
    able to match the Opposition votes; but the Speaker cast the extra
    vote in favour of the government.

    Next vote, the Liberals weren't so lucky. But it's an error to blame
    anyone but Stephen Harper for bringing them down.

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