Minutes: Board Meeting, September 22 2005

Posted on Wednesday, October 19 at 12:42 by drcaleb
Vive le Canada Board Meeting September 22, 2005 19:00 Via IRC 1) Call to Order. Present: JvanHerk, SThompson, WCosten, Dr Caleb. Absent: Bob Price, Milton. 2) Old business: A)Moderation has been functioning well. One further improvement would be the adoption of the 'Open ID' system, where participating sites would share user accounts. Vive would then accept authentication from another site, and the user could remain 'Anonymouse' (Vive would have no information on them) but trolling could be better handled by the readership as each Anon would have an identifiable user account. B) Racism seems to be creeping up in many more posts lately. Moderators will have to be more vigilant. C) Incorporation progress has not changed. 3) New Business A) Some moderators don't appear to be moderating very often. W Costen will put out the call to a couple of users the board feels could be of benefit in this role. The proofreader does seem to be very active in making certain stories more readable. Activities of the Security Analyst are monitored by Jesse. B) Viewership was way up since last report. So much so that it broke the statistics database. One story - 'Shunning' had over 6000 views alone. C) Susan and Whelan would like to see us move in more of an activist role, with emphasis on Lockheed Martin's remaining role in the 2006 census and increasing the apathy of Canadians with respect to actually voting in elections. D) W Costen will put foreward a forumn topic asking which questions the readership would ask of their MP or candidates for MP. Vive will use this information to draft such a questionaire and send it to all candidates in the upcoming election. Responses could be tabulated into a Sierra Club style 'report card'. 4) Next meeting (Tentative): October 20, 2005, **19:00 MDT ** via IRC. 5) Meeting Adjourned September 22 20:15 2005 MDT

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