A Vote For Layton's Sustainable Energy

Posted on Monday, June 14 at 15:59 by 4Canada
Saturday, June 12, 2004 - Page F2

NDP Leader Jack Layton's book on ideas to improve life in Canada is a shot of adrenaline. And I say that as a formerly driven, indeed obsessive, humming engine of a person who is now in such a slough of despond about politicians that her personal Contribution to Canada for 2004 was going to be finally labelling the damn fuse box.

I've been saying, "Call an electrician," for 15 years. Our attempts at labelling involve two married people racing between floors -- "the fridge is dead, I smell burnt almonds or is it ricin, omigod, it's the DVD" -- cursing, snarling, and finally I'm on the floor, twitching, while a male voice says soothingly, "Calm down. We'll call an election, I mean electrician." Victory!

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