I Don't Give A Damn About The Issues ... Get The CBC Workers Happy And Back To W

Posted on Saturday, October 01 at 12:34 by BC Mary
Today's CBC is like a once-great army which finds itself depleted, starved, run-down, dispirited, badly led, pushed into too many stupid battles, but still gallantly trying to carry on. And now CBC "management" dares to lock them out. Worse: government treats the public broadcaster like a Widget Factory having a bit of a "labour unrest". Well ... Canada's heart and soul are not widgets. And here's another tiny clue: this is not a strike. It's a lock-out. An arbitrary, arrogant, assinine lock-out ordered by CBC Management. I say: make them stop! CBC is our essential national lifeline. Imagine how we'd feel, right now, if a coast-to-coast emergency erupted and our CBC on-air reporters couldn't give us the facts! CBC is essential to Canada's identity and wellbeing. The CBC's management replacements on Radio One are semi-hopeless, saying things like "hunnert" instead of "hundred" ... and "pitcher" instead of "picture". I nearly blew a head-gasket when they reported the death of Smokey Smith of Vancouver as "the last Canadian soldier to have won a Purple Heart." As any Canadian knows, the P.H. is a U.S. trophy given in wheelbarrow-loads to U.S. soldiers who are wounded. Smokey Smith won the rare Victoria Cross for an action of unparalleled bravery in the Italian Campaign. These are worrying examples of "management's" expertise and comprehension ... It's true that the starved, exhausted CBC needs some repairs. Those huge cut-backs of recent years took their toll. So the Prime Minister should listen to the CBC workers! The Corporation needs support and encouragement. It needs long overdue help -- not more brutal chops and kicks. I don't give a damn what the "issues" are ... they are trivial in comparison to the national need for the public broadcaster to continue its work. I want those CBC doors unlocked. I want smiles on CBC's 5,500 well-trained workers' faces as they go back on the job. And I want CBC's current blockheaded management fired one and all, for sending the unmistakable message that Canadians don't matter a damn to them, either.

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