Election Makes Canada A Contender In World Stupidity Awards

Posted on Wednesday, June 23 at 08:29 by Anonymous
The World Stupidity Awards are determined by online voting and the Awards are given out July 23rd at the Just for Laughs Festival. Thousands of people have been voting. Organizers say they can't reveal exact numbers, but that Canada has suddenly surged in standings during the last week. "The email we've been receiving has a lot of people credited the current election campaign for Canada's spectacular showing," said Osten. "People are saying the Canadian electorate is demonstrating stupidity by endorsing parties that may represent an absolute national flip flop." Canada is competing with North Korea, France, Australia with the US for the coveted Golden Dunce Cap Awards. The 2004 Stupidity Awards will go to winners in 11 categories: Stupidest Man of the Year, Woman, Country, Trend, Movie, TV Show, Act, Statement, Media Outletwhich has made the Greatest Contribution to Furthering Worldwide Ignorance, Reckless Endangerment of the Planet and Lifetime Achievement Award for Stupidity. Nominees will vie for the Golden Dunce Cap at the live awards ceremony. High-Profile Presenters An array of high-profile comics and special guests will present the coveted awards including Lewis Black (Daily Show), Jimmy Tingle (60 Minutes) and Scott Thompson (Kids in the Hall), Black and others at a huge gala at the Montreal spectrum. VOTING TAKES PLACE at http://www.stupidityawards.com FOR FURTHER INFO CONTACT The Academy Revealing Stupidity Everywhere (ARSE)

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