Paul Martin: Pro-American Or Blame America?

Posted on Friday, December 12 at 12:56 by sthompson
In fact, Martin's own statements have already shown a tendency to flip-flop on issues with America, such as in the case of Maher Arar. An interesting article in McClean's highlights the fact that "More often than he'd like, a Canadian prime minister needs to be ready to blame America."

Not sure I agree with the same article's claims that U.S. Ambassador to Canada Cellucci "frames the war rift not in economic, but familial terms" because he "knows better than to make such odious linkages" (hello? The man threatened economic/trade reprisals over Iraq several times, and suggested we could smooth over difficulties by giving the US more access to our energy) but otherwise well worth a read.

There's hope--Martin still has to answer to the Canadian people, no matter how pro-American he may want to be.

Note: Pro-American takes over... interesting article in ...

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