Pettigrew Quitting Politics - PM Discourages HIm

Posted on Thursday, April 28 at 12:59 by whelan costen
Foreign Affairs Minister Pierre Pettigrew is leaving politics to lead the Organization of American States, Montreal's Le Devoir newspaper reported on Tuesday. The trilingual Pettigrew, who speaks English, French and Spanish, could quit his post within weeks, said the report. Headquartered in Washington, the OAS deals with development, rights and trade issues among 35 countries in the Americas.

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  1. Thu Apr 28, 2005 8:59 pm
    Good riddance to the sellout!!!

    Dave Ruston

  2. Thu Apr 28, 2005 10:26 pm
    Just the other day he said he wasn't a candidate, I guess Condi got him in anyway. <br />
    <br />
    Canada's Pettigrew Said Flattered by OAS Job Talk<br />
    Full Story: <a href=""></a> <p>---<br>These days, if you are not confused, you are not thinking clearly. Mrs. Irene Peters

  3. Fri Apr 29, 2005 12:38 am
    If there is no June election, will this mean a vacant seat?

  4. Fri Apr 29, 2005 4:34 am
    I am not sad to see him go, just wondering about this American board, appointing a Canadian to it, is it because there is an expectation that we will be one of those states, or just to further push the agenda? And how can that be quitting politics, is that not a political appointment, just not Canadian, no?

    If I stand for my country today...will my country be here to stand for me tomorrow?

  5. by hoopoe
    Fri Apr 29, 2005 3:13 pm
    He has a Quebec seat and won by a narrow margin in the last election. The latest polls show the BQ at 54%. Hmmmm, could it be that Pettigrew is jumping ship because he knows he is doomed as an MP in the next election whether this spring or next year? Definitely a rat abandoning the sinking Liberal ship in Quebec.

    I also say good riddance. I haven't seen a minister as pro business as him since Mulroney.

  6. by avatar Spud
    Fri Apr 29, 2005 3:24 pm
    Something just occured to me.
    These politcal flunkies of all stripes have the same attitude as child molesters.
    They manipulate,hurt,control,dominate,lie,deceive,etc.
    Just a thought.

  7. Fri Apr 29, 2005 4:10 pm
    Cute. People do your research on Pierre and his "mission" in life, okay? Self appointed, partly, but backed by mnay infuential and powerful people. But his mission none the less. What he has prepared for all his life. What he has been groomed for. Even down to the plastic surgery on the nose. Quebec is going to separate. Pierre is positioning himself. He sees the direction Canada is headed. He sees the direction the Liberal Party is headed. He and his province both have their connections. This is all about proper positioning for future scenarios. Dave Ruston was correct. Sell out. But he never was with "us". So how exactly could he sell "us" out? I hate to beat the Desmarais drum, but check out Pierre's past. Think about what he wants for the future. I believe he will be the leader of the future country of Quebec. If Americans give him the time of day, it is because they are aware of that. They always begin courting new leadership of nations as they begin to see them emerge. Pierre has always been a "player" in La Francophonie, and VERY well connected in France. He's simply putting into motion the inevitable. He is using his noodle, are we? I can't blame a person for doing what is obviously necessary for their cause. If only we could have someone who could do the same. If I were Pierre that is what I would be doing. If I were among his group meeting in the backrooms of France and Quebec that is what I would be pushing him to do. Not a doubt in my mind. There are reasons for most everything. If he felt Canada was going to remain strong and united he would be staying put. His cronies would make sure of that as well. He helps keep them in and their interests in the driver's seat. Paulie Martin isn't too upset is he? Feigned disappointment for the public eye to see. He HAD hoped Pierre could stick it our just a wee bit longer until after the upcoming election just in case he might win re-election to be sure before he goes on, but others in their group could not wait and were losing confidence in the Liberal Party maintaining their control over Canada. Paul is going too. Wait and see. The Liberal Party was a shell. A false front for the French-Canadian Desmarais collective. Watch the procession of Liberal Party leaders, and the biggest Canadien corporations "coming out of the closet" after Quebec separates. It's coming. Power Corp, Nortel, Bombardier, CSL, Chretien, Martin, Pettigrew, Strong, McKenna, Arbour, Frechette, Morden, Mulroney... Trudeau, Marchant, and Pelletier would be proud. Pettigrew will leave CANADIAN (not Quebec) politics to serve as the Secretary General of the Organization of American States. Pettigrew has sufficient support among OAS members to win the job, although officially CANADA (not Quebec however) supports the election of Luis Ernesto Derbez of Mexico.

    Quebec will need representation in the OAS. Canada does, but Quebec needs it's own, and that will be Pierre. Canada finally joined the OAS in 1990. We were SECOND TO LAST TO JOIN, with Belize and Guyana being the very LAST to join in 1991. Canada has always had a history of delusional paranoia. And we don't want to admit we are located where we are geographically either. We are in true denial of who and where we are. The OAS is a group of 35 nations. THIRTY FIVE!!! It has a headquarters building in Washington D.C. but is in no way run by America. That is something manufactured in the paranoid minds of backward, regressive people. It is a group, or collective of 35 nations which make up, the AMERICAS (not the country U.S.A. - for the slower folks among us)...North America(Includes Canada for those here who didn't know), Central America, and South America. A huge chunk of terrain. NOT controlled by America as in the U.S.A., so place a bag over your faces and breath...deep..slow..okay then...proceeding on. That is something the paranoid within Canadian society states who are still living in ice caves slurping maple syrup, and huffing the national plant's vapors believe.

    Pierre's sharp, and Quebec recognizes this. They need him, and their fledgling country will have to have solid business ties to the rest of the world it lives in. They aren't going to cut their own throats out of paranoia as we are doing. They are smart people. If only we...SIGH...nevermind. We instead of trying to unite Canada focused on hating America and American people and forgot all else that was happening, and here we are. Oh, well. Live and learn. Let's make the best of it. Now the only people that got any play with anyone out there in the big bad world are going it alone not wanting to be hampered by our dead, anti-everybody weight. Kind of hard to attend the ball, with a date on your arm spitting out vulgarities constantly! So we aren't Cinderella after all. We're more like the wicked step-sisters. And the Prince (Quebec) has decided for it's own welfare to leave us and go it alone.

    Here is a list of the member countries of the Organization of American States:

    All 35 INDEPENDENT NATIONS OF THE AMERICAS ARE MEMBER OF THE OAS!!! The current government of Cuba (Communist/socialist Canada's best friend and run by our hero Fidel)however has been excluded from participation since 1962. Upon foundation on May 5, 1948 there were 21 members:

    Costa Rica
    Cuba (later excluded by popular vote of group members in 1962)
    Dominican Republic
    El Salvador
    United States

    The later expansion of the OAS was mostly among the newly independent nations of the Caribbean. Members with later admission dates (sorted by date of admission):

    Barbados (acceded in 1967)
    Trinidad and Tobago (1967)
    Jamaica (1969)
    Grenada (1975)
    Suriname (1977)
    Dominica and Saint Lucia (1979)
    Antigua and Barbuda and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (1981)
    Bahamas (1982)
    Saint Kitts and Nevis (1984)
    Canada (1990)
    Belize and Guyana (1991)

    The Organization's official languages are English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

    So there you have it. Pierre's just doing his job for HIS country. He sold "us" out, but he wasn't really "us". So we should lighten up on him a bit maybe. And before we lose anymore of our country, maybe we should concentrate on the reperation of ties between the remaining Provinces. You maybe, instead of spending all our time and energy obsessing over America (the U.S.A. "America") and spreading hate propaganda, maybe we should look out for ourselves. Look out for Canada. Look out for Canadians. UNITE Canada. Isn't THAT what being "for" Canada is supposed to be about?

    "they should hate us for our shoes, we should beat them with our money" - Anonymous Canadien

  8. Fri Apr 29, 2005 4:40 pm
    Here's one for you, lol. I check this blog (among others out there on the web ) every here and again to keep my finger on the pulse of anti-Canadian sites/blogs to see how Canadians are perceived by others in the world. Kind of a research project. Particularly by Americans. I'm almost afraid to travel there anymore after reading this kind of stuff! Some of it's pretty wack, but this particular post is one I remember reading a few days back and so I looked it up again to post here for your amusement...the link is :<br />
    <br />
    <a href=""></a>

  9. Fri Apr 29, 2005 5:26 pm
    Oh yea. "The Bitter Frog Cometh..." You just know with a title like that, it's going to be a wonderful piece of journalism.

    "If you must kill a man, it costs you nothing to be polite about it." Winston Churchill

  10. Fri Apr 29, 2005 7:31 pm
    That was ridiculous. Pettigrew is a globalist Rhodes scholar with little talent politically. He's going nowhere. Get real.

  11. Sat Apr 30, 2005 6:50 pm
    I`ll say it again, the majority of Quebeckers do not want to separate from Canada. So the corporate-American powers that be manufacture the crisis of separation to divide and conquer, making it all the more easier to get rich from selling off Canada`s plentiful resources. And of course, Quebec itself will be far worse off for it, should it happen. That`s also Jean Charest`s job- to slowly groom the Quebec population away from a social-democratic mindset, and into sociopathic capitalism mindlessness. No more Hydro Quebec, and $5 dollar a day daycare for Quebeckers. And American english will dominate Quebec`s business culture! I may live in a cave, but it has windows. And yes, it is all American backed. That`s why it`s called the Washington Consensus. Just because you`re paranoid, doesn`t mean they`re not out to get you.

    Dave Ruston

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