"No Truce; Not One Step Back"

Posted on Sunday, July 02 at 13:02 by Milton
During the weekend and during the July 2 presidential election, the strike is in a holding pattern – literally holding the zocalo and surrounding streets. The first concern is that s encouraged: “Don’t stay home watching soap operas or soccer (fútbol), go vote.” It won’t be “all the same” to elect as president either Madrazo (PRI) or López Obrador (Party of the Democratic Revolution, PRD) – “there will be six years of the new president”. APPO recognizes that political parties exist, but citizens ought to vote for critical and thoughtful reasons, not for a pay-off. You may read the rest of this article at http://www.narconews.com/Issue42/article1949.html Forty Percent of Oaxaca’s Municipal Governments Are In the Hands of Educators’ Union Supporters, as Mobilizations and Assemblies in the State Capital Keep Growing By Nancy Davies June 29, 2006 Rumor on the street has it that Ulises Ruiz Ortiz (URO) has already agreed with the teachers’ union to take an extended leave from office as governor, directly following the presidential election July 2, three days away. Nobody expects Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) candidate Roberto Madrazo to win from third position. Daily radio spots on the part of the teachers’ union, aired non-commercially on Radio Universidad, urge people to “vote punishment” to the PRI and National Action Party (PAN). That was repeated at the Popular Assembly the night of June 28 to an overflowing audience in Benito Juarez Stadium. The wave of revolt we’re seeing is the heritage of 70 years of PRI repression, theft and neglect. People who may not know Madrazo’s name can tell you of the bad activities of URO, who embodies his party’s infamy. According to my same rumor source, 80 percent of the state population stands in opposition to the PRI. I don’t doubt it – coincidentally 80 percent of the population lives in extreme poverty. You may read the rest of this article at http://www.narconews.com/Issue42/article1942.html We are not defeated if we don't quit fighting back. Rumours of our (Canada's) death have been greatly exaggerated. Start fighting back and don't do it in the way that they want you to... Milton

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