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Posted on Monday, February 19 at 13:13 by whelan costen
I am very well informed on these events. I understand the urgency and concerns. I do not, however, agree that a political party can or will save us. The system itself is flawed. A good friend mentioned to me the Gary Cooper scenario, which many Canadians are expecting to take place. Historically we have been conditioned to expect a ‘high noon’ type of scenario, where the hero steps up to the plate and saves the town from the evil villain. I believe this is why we have so many people pinning their hopes on the various leaders of political parties. The problem is this is not Hollywood and real lives are on the line. We need the whole town to come out and step up to their duty. I don’t have to declare that the NAU is happening with or without our blessing. It is happening by stealth. Most Canadians have heard of it, but many do not understand what it means. Being fearful of the loss of our freedom, our civil rights, control of our water, social systems, healthcare system, education system and all natural resources; being angry at our youth becoming part of the war machine and our tax dollars served up for corporate profits, will not create the better world we want. Knowledge is power. But blind faith in ‘high profile’ people will not solve our problem. Jack Layton, Connie Fogal, Maude Barlow, Mel Hurtig, Stephane Dion, Stephan Harper, Gilles Duceppe, Elizabeth May, all know the facts behind these agreements. So do many others. Yet none of them have the ability to turn this around. Some of them don’t want to, while others are simply going through the motions of action. Seemingly some are prevented from acting, while others are doing whatever they can. None of them can do what the people of Canada can do. Read the entire article: http://web.mac.com/whelancosten/iWeb/Site/Our%20Canadian%20Shield.html [Proofreader's note: this article was edited for spelling and typos on February 21, 2007]

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