Updates On Mad Cow Disease

Posted on Wednesday, December 31 at 10:00 by sthompson
From the Grande-Prairie Daily Herald Tribune:

"Despite not being hit as badly as the southern section of the province, cattle experts estimate northern Alberta has lost more than $20 million due to mad cow in 2003.

Alberta Beef Producers vice-chairman Darcy Davis said consumers have to remember the cows spent time in different provinces and countries, so it would be unfair to tie recent BSE findings to Alberta's north."

See: Worry over stigma

Personally, although others have talked about not eating beef etc., I feel more for the remaining family farmers--my neighbours and friends--who are regular working people, most of whom are continuing in the same tradition as their parents and grandparents, and who are losing their whole livelihoods right now. And that despite the fact that in Canada, unlike in the US, the lone mad cow never entered any sort of food supply.

Note: blaming Canada Worry over stigma

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