Vatican Scandals Don't Die With The Pope

Posted on Sunday, April 03 at 13:24 by Milton

  • a profound hatred of women (as seen in his views on contraception and the role, or should I say non-role, of women in the church);

  • a disdain for the poor (no more liberation theology);

  • a retreat from any new ideas (no more free thinkers like,1518,348471,00.html">Küng);

  • a love of kiddy-diddlers (II did everything he could to assist the American bishops in covering up this massive scandal, a scandal which after all is just a extension of the Church's screwy attitudes towards women); and

  • domination of the church by nasty criminal secret societies (Freemasons and Opus Dei).

    The deep evil he brought with him has now been permanently installed at the heart of Roman Catholicism. I think he took such a long time to die because he knew that the place he was going was far worse than the place he was at. He was truly a piece of shit. The only good thing I can think to say about him is that the thug who replaces him will almost certainly be worse.

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