Missile Defence Needs Parliamentary Debate

Posted on Friday, December 19 at 13:25 by earthling

Right Hon. Paul Martin, Prime Minister of Canada;
there is a sample letter at http://www.ceasefire.ca/

Hon. David Pratt, Minister of National Defence;

Hon. Bill Graham, Minister of Foreign Affairs;

Hon. Albina Guarnieri, Associate Min. of National Defence,

PS: Last week on the US side of the line, the Council for a Livable World released results from its security survey of Democratic presidential hopefuls. The issue on which they were most sharply divided was missile defence (only Dean and Lieberman supported it). http://www.missilethreat.com/news/20031211030100.html

Note: http://www.straightgood... http://www.paulmartinti... http://www.ceasefire.ca Right Hon. Paul Martin http://www.ceasefire.ca/ Hon. David Pratt Hon. Bill Graham Hon. Albina Guarnieri http://www.missilethrea...

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