And Speaking About Profanities...

Posted on Wednesday, January 10 at 14:26 by Diogenes
Is it not enough that for over three decades we lived under One party Dictatorship ? Is it not enough that we lost over 500'000 thousand of our young fine men during the Iraq-Iran War - fighting some crazy mullahs who want to "liberate" the peninsula with their fossilized ideologies ? Is it not enough that we were bombed senseless during Gulf War I and lost more thousands? Is it not enough that we had to live under a draconian, savage embargo that no people in history had known and lost over another million people in the process? Half of which were Babies - babies you fucking bastards. Babies left to die in squalid conditions, tummies bloated by hunger and disease. Is it not enough that we still have to live with depleted Uranium that has wrecked havoc in our bodies and riddled us with cancer. And you know damn well that this poison will be staying in our land for centuries. Is it not enough that we had to sell our furnitures, books, clothes and some even sold their kidneys for God's sake, during the sanction years, so families can survive. Is it not enough that men with doctorats worked as taxi drivers , rubbish collectors and porters in neighboring countries ? Is it not enough that mothers had to prostitute themselves to feed their kids ? Is it not enough for you ? No you wanted more - more more more ... Like a bottomless pit. Like a beast with a hole in his gut that no amount of anything will fill. So what did you do? You went ahead and took some more. Gulf War II - This was no fucking war . This was an INVASION, and an OCCUPATION .

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