Wednesday 22 November Raging Grannies And Friends Rally At B.C. Legislature

Posted on Monday, November 20 at 15:29 by BC Mary
BC Province up for sale, Gordie Boy, Gordie Boy? Hydro, Gas and BC Rail Premier Gordie. While for the poor and homeless folks Working people and their hopes Just strings of promises and lies. From Premier Gordie. BC Ferries on the rocks, Gordie Boy, Gordie Boy. Check the value of your stocks, Premier Gordie. Clearcut valleys, washed out streams, Backroom deals fill all his dreams, So the cheque is in the mail For Premier Gordie. Virk and Basi going to trial, Gordie Boy, Gordie Boy? Will they tell who pulled the strings, Premier Gordie? If they say that you're the Man Showed them how to scheme and plan You may find you're in the can. Poor Premier Gordie.

Note: http://bctrialofbasi-vi...

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