Aussie Arrests Warning To Canada

Posted on Tuesday, November 15 at 09:43 by FootPrints
Time and again, the Canadian intelligence agency has been issuing warnings about the threat to the country from the terror cells based on its soil. In fact, such terror cells have erupted in Montreal and Toronto where a large number of immigrants from west Asia and north African countries live. Some months ago, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) had arrested an Algerian man, who was trained in the use of explosives at Al Qaeda camps, from Toronto for organising the terror cell. And the man who has been dubbed the Millennium Terrorist, Ahmed Ressam, who was arrested on December 14, 1999, from Port Angeles in Washington state of the US, for planning to blow up Los Angeles Airport, had lived in Montreal as an asylum seeker from Algeria. He was arrested with 130 pound of explosives and four trigger devices in his rental car as he entered the US from Canada. Also found in his car was a California guidebook, with his targets marked with circles. Canada has done a lot to prevent terror coming to its land since 9/11. Security and intelligence budgets have been raised by billions. A legislation, called C-36, has been enacted to give more powers to security and intelligence agencies. But Canada is a huge country with the world's largest coastal line. With the US, it shares the world's longest open border between any two countries. So, it will be difficult to make it foolproof against infiltration by terrorists. Further, this country has one of the most liberal asylum laws which has been taken advantage of by all sorts of people. Large immigrant populations in its major cities have turned some areas into virtual ghettoes. And these ghettoes have come in handy for terrorist sympathisers. This is highlighted by the fact that even though the organisations like LTTE are outlawed in this country, they get huge donations from immigrants. And the politicians would not do anything to stop it because Tamil immigrants' votes make a huge difference in Toronto. Because of their political clout, the immigrant community (mainly Muslims) have vociferously opposed the C-36 legislation. Yes, there have been cases where brown immigrants of Arab or Asian origin have subjected to harsh treatment. And people like Senator Mobina Jaffer, who is a Ugandan-born Muslim of Indian origin, and former federal minister Herb Dhaliwal, an Indo-Canadian, have been vocal in their criticism of the legislation. The Muslim clergy too have given vent to their anger. Some time ago, a Scarborough imam angered the intelligence agency when he said that their agents were busy terrorising the common Muslims when they should be chasing the terrorists.,004100180005.htm [Proofreader's note: this article was edited for spelling and typos on November 15, 2005]

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