Your Daughter Is Merck's Guinea Pig...

Posted on Saturday, March 17 at 08:42 by Diogenes
While many of us have been trying to warn parents about this vaccine, competing against the propaganda 'happy ads' for Guardasil targeted at young teen girls on the stupid tube, we have also been urging parents here in Texas to get in the face of the state legislature to over ride Gov. Rick Perry's "mandate" to vaccinate the young guinea pigs, er, girls, in this state. Informed legislators in our state house, most parents themselves, also got up in arms over this blatant move by Perry to bypass the process and fulfill his obligation to Merck for their fat campaign donations. The result: A couple of days ago the house side of our legislature voted to rescind Perry's Executive Order (118-23). Next comes the Texas Senate and I encourage everyone in this state to call your state senator and tell them to vote to rescind Perry's EO. The next question remains is will Gov. Perry do the right thing? Stay tuned. In the meantime, watch out New Mexico. It appears your governor, Bill Richardson, has said he will sign a mandatory vaccine bill. Man those phones even if you have to do it at lunch time. Richardson's office number is: (505) 476-2200. Call your state rep and senator and let them know how you feel and tell them if they voted for SB 1174, they'll find themselves job hunting next election. Remember this: If your daughter gets those shots and ten years down the road develops cervical cancer, turns sterile or has a baby with defects, neither Richardson or your state legislator/senator can be sued. If Merck's still in business then, you might have an option.


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