A Dark History In Canada: Japanese Internments

Posted on Wednesday, November 29 at 16:26 by jensonj
In recent decades, Canada has been celebrated for its quality of life, multicultural society and friendly citizenry. It is known for catering to its diverse population, being the first country to pass a national multiculturalism law in 1988 to preserve and enhance multiculturalism, being the third country to legalize gay marriage in 1995, and even designing currency (with tactile features and large high-contrast numerals) that takes into account the needs of its blind and visually impaired citizens. All this coupled with declining crime rates, a reasonable cost of living and government-funded national healthcare system, itís no wonder that thousands immigrate to Canada each year, the largest percentage arriving from Asia. But Canada was not always so accommodating to those of different ethnicities. Most people in the world ó and even some Canadians ó have no knowledge of the 22,000 Japanese Canadians who had their human rights violated by the Canadian government during World War II, just like their Japanese American counterparts here in the States. They were evacuated from their homes, separated from their loved ones, forced to live in dingy conditions and lost their property just because of their Japanese heritage. It is a somber chapter in Canadian history that survivors still struggle with today. http://news.ncmonline.com:80/news/view_article.html?article_id=11cd9fbf40eb2e95617a4a0896081f3c

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