Vive Party Bias During The Election

Posted on Tuesday, June 08 at 16:27 by sthompson
This site is meant to be an open platform and forum for discussion, and we provide fair space to all fair opinions (ie opinions which aren't racist/hate). Anybody can submit a comment or a story, and we don't discriminate who gets published on the basis of your political affiliation or favourite party.

That means every party is fair game, and the general opinions or party favourites expressed on the site depend on who posts articles and comments. It could mean your favourite party or candidate gets criticized on the site; but don't make the mistake of believing that Vive is publishing "propaganda" aimed at promoting one party and disparaging another. We're not a top-down site. It's all bottom-up and moderation is supposed to just keep the environment safe, fair and clear of spam. So if you take a closer look around you'll see a lot of differing opinions here, and feel free to enter the fray and add your own.

Of course, since we're generally a progressive site a lot of people are supporters of the NDP or Greens, but we have Liberal, Conservative and Bloc supporters here too and everyone is welcome.

Our forum is moderated by several committed and talented volunteers, and they make sure that all opinions are fairly represented and get rid of any spam or questionable comments.

As founder, until now I've done most of the actual site editing (articles). I still have those admin powers, so that I can check in and help out when needed, but you'll notice that most (and many days all) of the site editing has been taken over by Dr Caleb with some help from Jesse. This not only means that the site can tick along without me while I'm out campaigning, it means that there is more than one editor making decisions on what gets posted, and that while I'm a candidate I have very little to do with editing, so we can avoid a strong bias towards my party. Of course, I hope I avoid that bias anyway, by not rejecting any submissions to the site even if I disagree with them, as long as they're not racist or otherwise break our guidelines.

Also, like everyone, I can still publish my own opinions but I hope it's now clear that they are no more or less important than any other opinions we post here.

Basically, just bear in mind that individual stories, even when published by columnists, moderators, editors, or volunteers on the site, don't necessarily reflect official site opinion. Official site opinion is reflected in press releases, official emails out to members, and anything posted to "site news" (logo as appears above). And that "official" opinion is almost always arrived at collectively among our boards (governing and advisory) so it isn't up to one person.

Finally, if you're ever concerned about site bias or have a bone to pick with any editorial decision, please email us and we'll do our best to respond fairly. We're human and we can make mistakes like anyone else.

Thanks everyone and happy posting!!

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