Contaminated Water On Reserves: Known Since 2001

Posted on Tuesday, November 01 at 10:04 by BC Mary
"I was told that the government would bring in a dynamic water policy to remedy this situation; that I should keep cool and await this new policy," said Toronto Liberal Sen. Jerry Grafstein last week. "Regretfully, that has not happened in four years." On Aug. 22, 2001, former Toronto Liberal MP Dennis Mills had 300 bottles filled with contaminated water from an Indian reserve near Edmonton. The Liberal caucus was having its semi-annual meeting in the city that summer, and Mr. Mills was hoping to send a message that his fellow MPs would not forget. The Liberals stopped him from bringing in the water, but he still managed to make a statement. On the head table, Mr. Mills managed to sneak in two bottles, right in front of then prime minister Jean Chrétien. "One is filled with the water we are drinking, given to us from the hotel," he told Mr. Chrétien. "The other is the water that natives are drinking in the reserve not far away from here." Mr. Chrétien was about to take a sip from the second bottle of brown, murky water before Mr. Mills stopped him. "Sir, don't drink it, it is contaminated."

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