The Canadian Election’S Impact On America

Posted on Friday, January 20 at 09:43 by jensonj
However, beginning with the government of Pierre Trudeau in the 1960’s, the Canadian-American relationship began a gradual decline based on ill-conceived anti-Americanism, leftists within the Canadian government, the fear of American hegemony, and the perception of American ignorance and indifference towards Canada. That trend was halted during the Reagan-Mulroney years as well as when George H.W. Bush became President in 1988. But the Trudeau era difficulties arose again with the victory of Liberal leader Jean Chrétien in 1994. It was believed that with President Bill Clinton in the White House that a positive relationship would continue after the replacement of conservative governments (GOP and Tory) with liberal ones (Dems and Grits). However, Prime Minister Chrétien proved to be a difficult and annoying ally to America, resisting American diplomatic and military efforts at every turn for no other reason than he enjoyed being a pain in the American behind. That anti-American sentiment was allowed to fester and thereby encouraged further anti-American sentiment in Canadian politicians, academic circles, and advocacy groups.

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