Voter Registration Data Sold

Posted on Thursday, December 11 at 14:47 by Anonymous
A Wired News reporter, registered at Aristotle International's website as Condoleezza Rice, purchased a voter list containing data on about 1,700 California voters, despite Aristotle's claims that it had procedures in place to verify legal buyers before they could purchase online.Besides voters' name, address, phone number and birth date, the lists from Aristotle included each voter's registration date, political affiliation, income range, occupation and whether he or she owned a home or had children. The security slip-up allowing a Wired News reporter to purchase such lists underscores what many critics of voter-list sales argue -- that the simple act of registering to vote can open voters to unintentional privacy intrusions, as long as states make it legal to distribute voter data to secondary parties.

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For Sale The American Voter

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