BBC: Kenyan Climate Failure

Posted on Thursday, November 23 at 15:54 by bracewell
......The secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, summed it up thus: "The further development of carbon markets can help mobilise the necessary financial resources needed for a global response to climate change, and give us a future agreement that is focused on incentives to act."
......Turn the statement around, and what you have is the acknowledgment that making money, not reducing emissions, is the priority for governments and their advisers. It would explain why the majority of the debates and conclusions here avoid any mention of reducing emissions.
What the Nairobi talks actually agreed:
......1) a less than firm commitment to begin negotiations on further Kyoto Protocol emissions cuts in 2008, and no target date for concluding them - despite an acknowledgement that emissions need to fall by about 50% in the near future
......2) a decision that the protocol has been reviewed at this meeting - many of us must have missed the review when we blinked
......3) a commitment to have a full review in two years' time
......4) a single-year extension of work on technology transfer to the developing world, which brought condemnation from the Chinese delegation
......5) agreement that Belarus can enter the Kyoto Protocol's trading mechanisms in a way which could allow it to make money without reducing emissions; this decision will have to be ratified
......6) a decision that carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects should not yet be eligible for money from the Protocol's Clean Development Mechanism
......7) agreement that the Adaptation Fund, a pot of money to help developing countries adapt to the impacts of climate change, should be primarily under the control of developing nations

......That is a measure of the disconnect, acknowledged by many, including Britain's environment secretary, between the scientific imperative and the political process. It is also the reason why the forbidden question needs to be asked again and again and again.

UN Climate Talks Struggle to Agree Tiny Steps

UN Talks Agree Kyoto Climate Review in 2008


'There are some who are using the Kyoto Protocol to create divisions within our country, but we will not let that happen.'
- Cdn Enviro-Minister Ambrose

"Further global warming of 1 degree C defines a critical threshold.
Beyond that we will likely see changes that make Earth a different planet than the one we know.

- James Hansen

World Has Under a Decade to Act on Climate Crisis
JAMES HANSEN: The world has less than a decade to take decisive action in the battle to beat global warming or risk irreversible change that will tip the planet towards catastrophe.

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