CONDOLEEZZA RICE: Interview With Charles Wolfson And Dan Raviv Of CBS Radio News

Posted on Saturday, January 28 at 12:24 by jensonj
Yes, we've had our differences and our difficulties. There are trade disputes. Any trade relationship as big as our relationship with Canada is going to have those disputes. But as I said when I was there in Ottawa, I would hope that the rhetoric and the tone of U.S.-Canada relations would be befitting good friends and good neighbors, and I look forward to that tone in U.S.-Canada relations. We also have excellent cooperation with Canada in many of our international policies. Canada is a major actor in Afghanistan, has been active in Sudan with us, and in Iraq it's perhaps not understood that shortly after the war, where Canada did not agree with the decision to go to war, Canada was one of the first and largest donors to Iraq. So we have an excellent relationship and I think it will continue. [Proofreader's note: this article was edited for spelling and typos on January 29, 2006]

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