Specter Of US Imbues Canada's Vote

Posted on Friday, January 13 at 13:51 by Anonymous
''Mr. Harper, the United States is our neighbor, not our nation," warns one. Harper is ''pro-Iraqi war, anti-Kyoto, socially conservative . . . Bush's new best friend," says another ad, quoting a commentary from the conservative Cato Institute, a Washington research group. Yet another ad speculates that Harper may have received illegal campaign funds from American conservatives. ''We know he is very popular with right-wingers in the US. They have money. Maybe they helped him," the announcer muses on the commercial, unveiled Tuesday. The ads are running before an election in which Martin's party appears likely to lose its hold on the government. After Christmas, the Conservatives, the main opposition, jumped suddenly from behind and now lead the Liberals by 10 percentage points, 38 percent to 28 percent, according to a poll conducted for the Globe and Mail newspaper. http://www.boston.com/news/world/articles/2006/01/13/specter_of_us_imbues_canadas_vote/

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