Colonel Marvin Reveals The Truth Of America As The Terrorist

Posted on Monday, January 30 at 09:37 by Janis Schmidt
Barry Bachrach, attorney for Leonard Peltier, is defending Colonel Marvin. The trial began Monday, and concluded on Wednesday. Closing arguments will be made this coming Monday. Barry sent me a synopsis of what had taken place in court. I was sending the info on to about 25 people who I felt would take the info and write stories about it. My email was intercepted by an ever vigilant fbi, and none of the emails went out. This is what I had written as an introduction: Dear Jean-Luc, Although this is addressed to many, I address it to you, my French friend because you got your act together, and know how important it is to act immediately, because the information herein contained ought to blast the brain dead American public right out from under their beds, and help expose the U.S. government as the real terrorist of the world. Americans are probably best summed up by a Canadian official who said, before the war with Iraq and who promply lost her job, but I stand behind her 100% and proudly quote her immortal words: "America is a nation of idiots, led by a moron." To be fair, we have a sell-out press who purposely feed the public a line of crap to keep them constantly in the dark. So, we all have to put up with a little genocide and torture, assassinations and the like, so that befuddled Americans can rest assured that G.W. Bush, with his CIA and FBI is keeping Americans safe from those Arab terrorists. If ever the slimbering giant were aroused, we would have another Revolution to restore the government back to the People. But the mafia in charge of running the country, doesn't want that, which is why there is a media black out surrounding Colonel Marvin. After the Revolution, I do hope all media who constantly opposed informing the American public, will be found guilty as traitors, and shot by a firing squad on the platform of the torch of the Statue of Liberty. As you might already know, I am the civil rights leader and founder of Lakota Wawokiy Civil Rights Organization, in which I have taken a bery active and vocal role in finding corruptions in the Courts, the jails, and prisons. In standing up for Lakotas, I discovered and exposed a very crooked relationship going on between Tribal government and the U.S. government whereby the Tribe hands over to the FBI, political prisoners and people for personal vendettas, FBI set up the situation back in 1975, when they knocked off 2 of their own Agents with the help of a mixed blood by the name of Bob Ecoffey, who saw to it that Leonard Peltier was blamed for the death of the 2 Agents. This gave the FBI a free hand on the Reservation ever since. Why doen't our sovereign tribal government object? Because they are well paid to keep the drugs, alchohal, immorality, and poverty ongoing. (Pine Ridge Reservation receives $165 million every year, which goes to 12% of Tribal government and their families.) When people complain, Senators throw more money at the Tribe. For my efforts of bringing the plight of the Lakota people, to the attention of the public, Cecelia Fire Thunder banned me from the Reservation, without a hearing, her reasons being that I "was an immediate threat and danger to the members." Actually, she was upset because I had filed a lawsuit in Federal court and named the Tribe as one of the defendants. I returned to the Reservation 5 times, to be arrested 3 times, and twice thrown in jail. I was removed from the Reservation with the threat from the chief-of-police that should I return, I would be turned over the the FBI and my common law Lakota husband would be arrested for harbouring a fugitive. Barry Bachrach, one of the very few lawyers left in this county who dares to help people such as myself, is defending Colonel Marvin and his publisher, for writing the book Expendable Elites. What you can do is use your megaphones to write stories, contact all independant news sources, and start spreading the story. Write your own. Use your Internet contacts. Arrange rallies. PROMOTE THE BOOK!! Arrange speaking engagements for Colonel Marvin, and book signing. Get statements on the trial from Barry Bachrach, Remember the great days of dada? And the theatre of the absurd? Maybe you can put out the call to the poets and artist to stage some events. We can't go braindead on this and start laying down in traffic, thinking we are accomplishing something. That's what the CIA wants, because the braindead American will just run over you on the way to work at the bomb factory. Get moving, Your friend, Janis Schmidt

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