NATO Chief Urges Clearer View Of Afghan Mission

Posted on Saturday, November 18 at 14:16 by 4Canada
"National caveats reflect genuine and understandable concerns of governments and parliaments for their soldiers. Apart from restricting the ability of our military commanders to fulfil their mission, they that is those caveats can also be perceived as divisive." The split among alliance countries was brought more sharply into focus at the week-long meeting of politicians from NATO countries. But the newly elected head of the parliamentary association said no one should make too much of the bickering. "When I go to discussions in my country, of course people have hesitation about a mission in Afghanistan," said Bert Koenders of the Netherlands. "I have them and I'm still looking (with) a very critical idea at what we're doing there." With 37 countries participating in the mission, Koenders conceded some do more than others, but said "we shouldn't exaggerate this point as if other countries don't do anything."


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