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Posted on Sunday, June 20 at 04:12 by Jim Callaghan
Just want to offer a hearty round of thanks to the rewarding number of people that quickly sent in donations to get Connie Fogal across the country 2 weeks ago -- expenses were covered plus a bit. She came to Toronto for an interview that will be broadcast another 12 times in Ontario before the election -- a great help to our Ontario candidates. She went out to Alex Kreider's riding of Oxford (in semi-rural Ontario) for a quick presentation and good media coverage there for the party. In Fredericton, New Brunswick there was a good spot with english CBC for the 6 o'clock news, with additional coverage in The Daily Gleaner and another paper I haven't got the name of. As you can see below, it helped out David's campaign. Since then I'm aware of Connie having a 1-1/2 hour interview in French on a Quebec radio station, a live one-time spot on Canada AM, and there are various forms of coverage for many candidates across the country. Not bad for a 'little party.' Keep it up and keep smiling! Only nine days left. Sincerely, Kevin Peck -------- Original Message -------- Subject: Campaign hello Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2004 14:51:53 -0300 From: "David Szemerda" Just thought I would say hello and good luck to all fellow candidates. I am having a great time and getting fairly good media coverage. After making comments on the CBC lack of coverage of smaller parties during an all candidates debate, I managed to be given a 3 minutes sound byte, INCLUDING my statement about the CBC. Quite humourous I thought. Although they still did not ask me to participate in this mornings issue debate, I at least was given a quote regarding the issue. (Gun Control) In which I stated that the gun registry should not only be eliminated, but the liberal party, not the government, should have to repay the tax payers for implementing such a stupid project. (Got a big round of applause on that one.) Thanks to Connie for all her support during her visit here; and I hope to be able to have the time to get to everyone better during the upcoming campaign year after we get our minority government. :) And I just had to share today's CBC political cartoon with everyone. David Szemerda CAP representative for St. Croix-Belleisle, NB

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