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Posted on Wednesday, June 23 at 16:13 by Arthur Lewis

It's not too late to head that off. Regardless of which party wins, we have to send a message that we want a stronger CBC, not a more commercial one. Please visit our campaign website at:

It is imperative to send that message right away to all of the major party leaders and you can do that in one simple step on our website.

In light of the threat from the Conservatives, I also implore you to forward this message to your personal e-mail list. Please encourage everyone you know to join you in this campaign in support of a stronger CBC.

When Mr. Harper says commercialize, he probably means privatize. At the very least it means the Conservatives want to cut public funding for CBC instead of increasing it as called for by the recent report of the all-party Heritage Committee. Instead of providing Canadians with more Canadian programming, the Conservatives want to turn the CBC into another commercial network that sells us to advertisers rather than serving us as citizens.

If you think this message is overly alarmist, I invite you to review Mr. Harper's exact words as well as the positions of the other major parties on our campaign website.

When the candidates come knocking for your vote, tell them you want a stronger CBC. And if you attend an election meeting, please challenge the Conservative candidate on this issue. We must make our voices heard before it's too late!

You can start by visiting our website at: and sending a message.

Arthur Lewis, Executive Director, Our Public Airwaves

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