Two Sides Of Passamaquoddy Bay

Posted on Monday, November 28 at 09:14 by jensonj
The Canadian side of Passamaquoddy Bay is portrayed as an opponent to economic development, best neutralized through legal challenges and slick public relations. Little consideration is given as to why this otherwise friendly neighbor is resisting LNG installations on this particular section of Maine's 3,500 miles coastline. Perhaps the answer is simply too obvious. Much like Washington County, Charlotte County in southern New Brunswick suffers a persistent low- growth, high-unemployment economy. The town of St. Andrews and surrounding communities on the Passamaquoddy and St. Croix estuary provide a much needed economic injection to the region. Tourism, which is entirely dependent on the unspoiled views and clean waters of the Bay, generates an estimated Canadian $400 million ($280 million U.S. dollars) annually and employs a commensurate number of local people. It represents around one-third of total tourist dollars spend in New Brunswick. Fisheries around Head Harbor and inside the Bay (lobsters, scallops, farmed salmon and weir fishing) account for $450 million, employing 3,500 people. (It is yet unclear the extent of possible disruption to fisheries by the estimated two mile exclusion zones around tankers whose itineraries, for security reasons, would not be announced in advance.) Other economic activity dependent on the Bay brings the Canadian total to more than $1 billion ($700 million) annually. By comparison, Downeast LNG forecasts direct ongoing operations employment of 56 jobs at its LNG facility with a payroll of $9 million per annum. Quoddy Bay LLC and Downeast LNG slide presentations at public gatherings in Maine speak of considering the implications of LNG for all stakeholders, and of seeking to canvas their views. However, in August of this year, after the town of St. Andrews booked a large hall for residents to hear the arguments on both sides, both Quoddy and Downeast withdrew just prior to the agreed date due to "security concerns" around a larger than expected turnout.

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