Iran Should Be Expelled From UN, Israeli Minister Says

Posted on Friday, October 28 at 11:17 by jensonj
Israel's Vice Prime Minister Shimon Peres said that Iran should be expelled from the United Nations for making such comments. "Since the United Nations was established in 1945, there has never been a head of state, that is a U.N. member state, that publicly called for the elimination of another U.N. member," Peres said in a radio interview. "There has never been such a scandal. It is impossible to ignore this and close your ears," said Peres, a one of the architects of the Oslo peace process with the Palestinians and a Nobel Peace Prize winner. Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Regev said that at this point, the Israeli government has not made a formal request to remove Iran from the United Nations, but Israel is asking for worldwide condemnation of Ahmadinehad's comments. Israeli ambassadors around the world have been asked to contact foreign ministers, prime ministers and presidents. "We have asked that the organized international community formally condemn the outrageous statements." It is not acceptable for one member state of the U.N. to call for the destruction of another member state, said Regev. But the problem is not just the extreme language of the Iranian regime, said Regev. "Yesterday there was a terror attack perpetrated by Islamic Jihad. Islamic Jihad is armed, trained and financed by the regime in Iran." Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing in the northern Israeli city of Hadera on Wednesday, in which five people were murdered and some 30 others wounded.


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