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Posted on Saturday, January 07 at 12:19 by BC Mary
2. PARTY POSITIONS: I found a feature on CTV's website that looks interesting and complements what's in our voter's guide. Go to www.ctv.ca/mini/election2006/static/issues/index.html and you can see a summary of the positions of the Liberals, Conservatives, the Bloc, the NDP and the Green Party on key issues such as defence, the environment (including water), foreign policy, health care, and trade. 3. CCPA ANALYSIS: I wanted to draw your attention to the website of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. If you go to www.policyalternatives.ca and click on the "Before you vote...Get the facts" icon, you'll find some terrific resources, including their "Minority Report: A Report Card on the 2004-05 Minority Government" and Bruce Campbell's article "Paul Martin's Dilemma" on Canada-US relations. 4. ELECTION DEBATE: The next debate with the federal party leaders will be held on Monday January 9 (in English) and Tuesday January 10 (in French) in Montreal. The Annapolis Valley, NS Chapter has provided us with the e-mail address to submit questions for this forum - question@electiondebate.ca. Send in your question on trade, energy, health care, water, security, and/or deep integration. Website. www.canadians.org

Note: www.macleans.ca www.ctv.ca/mini/electio... www.policyalternatives.ca www.canadians.org

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